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In a water supply system, the water usually flows at a specific pressure and allows you to use the showers, taps etc. comfortably. But sometimes excessively high water use or even a leak in the plumbing system can result in a drop in water pressure. In some settings, this dip pulls in contaminated water from the ground or storage into the main water line.

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All of these are potential backflow risks. If you do not address these issues on time, it means you put your family’s health at risk due to water contamination. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to get a backflow prevention device installed. We at Westlink City Plumbing are a highly experienced and reputed company in this sector and handle all types of backflow prevention in Sydney jobs expertly.

Causes of Backflow

Various things can cause the backflow of contaminated water into the water pipes, such as:

  • Submerged water outlet extension present in showers & bathtubs.
  • Laundry tubs that have spout extenders.
  • Kitchen sinks with retractable handpieces.
  • Car washing bays.
  • Service & mechanical rooms.
  • Garbage areas in which hoses are used for washing bins.
  • Swimming pool areas where the hoses can reach the pool spaces
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Backflow Prevention Sydney Services

We have the skills, knowledge and resources to handle backflow prevention installation in Sydney. Our team has handled many similar projects in the past. They will provide you with details of how the device will be installed. We can connect various backflow prevention devices, including 'Double Check Valves', ‘Check Valves’, and ‘RPZD’s’ right at the source.

We use the best devices and installation techniques in our work so that the installations are reliable. For any more information about our backflow prevention Sydney installations, contact Westlink City Plumbing at 1300 109 767. You can also make a booking through the Online Form on this page.

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