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Strata properties are unique in that they are tenant-occupied structures that could be spread over single or multiple buildings. The plumbing systems are also quite complex and very different from residential or standard commercial properties. For any plumbing works on these properties, you need a qualified and experienced real estate strata plumber.

Westlink City Plumbing

Leading Company in Real Estate Strata Plumber

We at Westlink City Plumbing are a leading company in the industry and have a team of certified and experienced plumbers that are on-call round the clock to cater to the specific needs of Strata and Body Corporate Managers.

Why you need an Experienced Real Estate Strata Plumber

We offer unmatched quality and make sure that all your strata plumbing needs are met to the tee. What also sets us apart from other operators in the space is that we offer customised and personalised services at very cost-effective pricing and that provides you value for money. We are here to offer 24/7 emergency real estate strata plumbing solutions that are in line with your needs.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from hiring an established and experienced company like ours:

  • We know that Sydney strata plumbing systems are very different from ones on residential properties. Our professional plumbers can solve all types of complex plumbing issues on any property without any glitches.
  • We have over 30 years of industry experience and a proven track record in solving a wide range of strata plumbing problems. Only experienced strata plumbers like us can handle these big and small plumbing works safely and in line with OH&S standards.
  • We work closely with you and create preventive maintenance schedules to suit your specific needs and ensure that the plumbing installations on your property remain efficient.
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Real Estate Strata Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing maintenance and repairs, many specifications come into the picture, and strata owners need to go by the law and work as per the strata plan. Typically, it's the owner corporation's responsibility to maintain all the common areas of the property and to implement all repairs.

Depending on the property and the types of plumbing works, sometimes, the tenants may be able to get these works done, after due approval from the corporation. We handle everything from pipe bursts, drain blockages, pipe relining to hot water installations, and all types of plumbing repairs and maintenance works.

Regardless of your requirements, we are your Sydney real estate strata plumber that can cater to your needs. Since there are many different technicalities in play when it comes to the maintenance of strata plumbing systems, we are here to help you with all the information you need.

For any more information about our services, contact Westlink City Plumbing at 1300 109 767. You can also make a booking through the Online Form on this page.

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